Nov 4, 2012

Reporting from the Southampton Vintage Fair

Yesterday noon I visited the Southampton Vintage Fair (The Vintage Fair) in Southampton Guildhall
I had a really good time, visited almost every booth and searched for the perfect vintage item. There was a counter selling delicious cupcakes ( just like grandma's), another booth where you could have your hair styled the 50s way and many many little "shops" with rare findings.

I regret to say that many of the items sold where in a really bad condition - I believe that the sellers should have taken care of their products ( maybe shine them or sew the holes in the clothes!).

Apart from that, it was nice! I even bought myself a small gift - a pin-up girl brooch!

These events are always welcome! Here are some of the sellers: // // // //

Photos by me // Edited by me


Christos said...

Interesting article and good work with the photos - never been to such a fair...

Vera X said...

Thank you for your support xx