Nov 7, 2012

I Do! (Wedding decorations)

I wish people didn't use the same old colour combination and decoration at weddings and bridal showers. If I see an orange ribbon one more time... I' m kidding. I think every color has its charm, yet why not try something new? Combine really bright colours for a modern, young wedding or a bridal shower.
I found these amazing photos in Style me Pretty and I had to share them with you. Look how fun this environment is!

You know I love turquoise, but I never thought it would work so well as far as wedding deco is concerned! Notice the candle holders and the centerpieces made out of bird cages! How original!

Of course the flowers would be pink peonies. They are so romantic and work really well with almost every colour... The buffet is no different. Colors everywhere and a touch of romantic chic in every little treat!

Overall an amazing decor that is outside the box - but it's still very romantic.

Why not try it for a christening, a baptism or just a party?
Think about it!

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