Sep 3, 2017

Aug 19, 2013

Things you can do with your hands aka DIY

I love DIY! The proud look on my face when something is done says it all. Since I haven't been doing much lately - I've been really busy and as you know not in the best of moods - I think I was so happy to find these amazing ideas below via 91 Magazine in Issuu. Inspiration will be back and I glitter my entire flat haha! 
As I am about to go on holidays, a little late this year, I want to share these last thoughts with you, a little something to inspire you as well.

And since school's about to start, why not redecorate your home office or your children's study area with lots of colors and little cute deco items. Remember this? Is there a better time for a remodeling than now?

What ever you do, enjoy these last summer days and I'll be back with new ideas very soon.

(Thank you all for your support)
Photos via 91 Magazine / Edited by me

Jul 28, 2013

No more excuses...

Hi there. I hope you are all having fun, enjoy your summer and hopefully the sun.

I always talk to people about decoration (I can be quite annoying!) and I always insist on how we can all have cute little decorations in our houses without spending a fortune. After all, there is a designer hidden in all of us and with a touch of flair we can do wonders. 

Idea no1: There are so many websites where you can buy inexpensive art and designer items for a much better price. Try or,, for new ideas everyday - that's how I got my new Phillip Starck stool for a very affordable price!

Idea no2: Re-shape, re-paint, re-do everything. Paint an old lamp, use acrylic colors to color all you are bored off, buy cheap frames and paint them as you please. The choices are endless.

Idea no3: Use paper to create your new piece of art. Do you remember my pom-pom? I was so proud of it. I still keep it in my bedroom for a cheerful note. But how about the following ideas? And remember... no excuses! It will only cost you a pound/euro/dollar and it will look fab. And you can do it while on holidays too!

See you soon - still not sure what I'll be doing, lots of changes on the way, that's for sure :)

1, 2 & 5 via Mini eco
4 & 5 via Chloe Fleury

Get those scissors going!
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Jul 13, 2013

Summer 2013...

These past few days have been really lovely here in South UK. No rain, bright sunshine and high temperatures - combined with humidity mmm... It's such an enjoyable change. It reminds me of my home country and I absolutely enjoy it. 
As I am going through a period of changes in my life (I feel like I need some), I won't be blogging as often as I did - I promise I will be back in September (after my so long desirable holidays) with many new ideas - even a new blog perhaps!

I want to thank you all for your support and for visiting my blog, please like my facebook page to keep in touch.

Until the next time, I will leave you with these amazing new finds: Colorful chairs from Cult Furniture and even more colorful ideas from Rice. I ordered my new candleholders and pots from Rice today, I will show them to you once they are here.

Chairs by Cult Furniture / Rino pot and Lamp by Rice

Have a lovely, colorful summer every one - may all your days be bright and sunny xx

Photos via Rice / Edited by me

Jun 16, 2013

The fun is never over...

Summer is the best season. For many reasons - which we all know, the sun, the hot weather, the colorful clothes, HOLIDAYS, the sea. But there are some less obvious reasons that make Summer what it really is: FUN! Like inflatable animals and pool floats. I love them - they are so funny and I feel like a little child again.

Urban Outfitters has the perfect collection of inflatables and pool/sea floats to turn you into children as well.

I want them all - and a pool to go with them lol
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