Interior Design Services

Please find below the services provided. For further information kindly e-mail me.Looking forward to work with you to create your ideal home!


A mood board is actually a synthesis or a guide to help you visualize your new space. I can create moodboards for you and send them via e-mail. All communication can be conducted via e-mail, so don't hesitate to contact me from wherever you are. We will discuss the things you would like, your budget, if you want to create a new space or remodel an old one. It's all up to you. Moodboards can be either examples and suggestions or actual plans with real shopping suggestions, prices, online sources etc.

Every moodboard costs 50 pounds per room. 

Additional rooms cost 30 pounds each. 

Extra services provided.


A floorplan helps you determine the correct and more suitable position of your furniture. We will discuss your needs in order to deside what you want to do with your given space. We can also combine that with fabric and colour suggestions, furniture layout, electrical plan, lighting.

Every floorplan costs 150 pounds per flat. 

Additional advice cost 50 pounds per room. 

Extra services provided.


I will be happy to help you create your perfect home. Feel free to send me photos or videos of your house and we can talk via e-mail or over the phone about all you dream and want to make them happen. I am currently living in the U.K. but I would love to visit you wherever you are - if you are a face-to-face person! We can arrange for a viewing at first, to discuss decorating, layouts, moodboards, budget etc. Then, if you'd like, I can personally shop and arrange everything. So, after a couple of days (depending on the length of the project) you will have you ideal home, without lifting a finger! 

Travel expenses will be charged. 

Full design service and personal shopping cost depending upon project.

*please contact me for rates 

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