Oct 17, 2012

Halloween Spirit

This is the first time that I will be celebrating Halloween ever! 
In my country, we don't celebrate Halloween so, since I've recently moved in the UK, I have never been in a Halloween party before - or treated / tricked anyone! 

Halloween Decorations can be from kitch to luxurious - depending on your mood and personal taste. I enjoy pumkins very much. They remind me of Fall and they can also be used for Thanksgiving decorations.

Pottery Barn has many halloween products that I would definetely use to decorate my apartment. 

I also found some product that are great for Halloween decoration, yet they can be used for all-year-around deco. 
I suggest:

A / Owls are very trendy this year. Buy an owl candle holder for all seasons.
B / Three Blind Mice - Cheese serving set of 3
C / Owls again - Serving plates set of 4
D / Metallic Skulls
E / Bone candle holders set of 2
F / Mini Glass Vases set of 3

Will you be dressed up for Halloween?

Main photo via Pottery Barn

Edited by me

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