Oct 14, 2012

I saw my reflection in a drawer

I really like mirrored furniture. I never owned one and I am under the impression that they are really hard to clean, but don't they look lovely? They are so romantic and really work with many decoration styles. 
I mainly picture them in a boudoir, a bedroom or a hallway, but I am pretty sure that with a little imagination they can be placed nearly everywhere! I would definetely place them in front of a wallpaper, a brick or a dark-painted wall to give them a chance to stand out (images 1 & 2). 

a / Side table from Nicky Cornell
b / Bedside table from Nicky Cornell
c / Bedside table from Nicky Cornell
d / Cabinet from Horchow
e / Coffee table from Nicky Cornell

Also find some great ideas in Porada, Laura Ashley & Horchow.

Do you like mirrored furniture?

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