Oct 18, 2012

Feed me more - Tzatziki

It's so easy to make tzatziki! And it tastes sooooo good!
All you need is yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper.
These are the basic ingredients. 
From then on you can add more spices, remove garlic for a "safer" result, use feta cheese. Some people even put honey in it!

My recipe is simple yet so impressive:


500gr greek yogurt
300gr Greek feta cheese
1 large cucumber
4 table spoons greek virgin olive oil with garlic
salt, pepper, oregano

How to:

Cut the cucumber into small cubes. Make sure you remove extra water. Melt the feta cheese with a spoon to create a bulky paste. Put all your ingredients in a bowl and mix them well with a spoon.
Serve as a spread on greek pita bread or make little greek makis (sushi) with thin cucumber slices.

The perfect appetizer!

Greek food is the best.

Recipe & Photos by me / Edited by me

Thanks to my sis for her help in cleaning up the bowl!

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