Mar 9, 2013

Today we are cooking pulses!

Pulses can be from boring to magnificent, depending on how you cook them. If you just boil them in chicken broth well... what did you expect? They are only pulses after all! Why not try one of the following recepies for yummy and healthy dishes with key ingredient? Pulses!

Lentil Soup
Senate Bean Soup
Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad

You can also find all shorts of info as far as pulses are concerned here.

But how about storage? Pulses need to be stored in glass jars sealed airtight for longer and better preservation. Wanna know what I did with my containers?
I used mask tape to decorate them and gave them a happy touch!
You can buy amazing mask tape here.

Photos by me // Edited by me


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Vera X said...

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