Mar 29, 2013

Easter bunny?

Hello my friends. Long time no see... 

I've been really busy lately - trying to handle a full time job, housekeeping, blogging and redecorating my flat - all at the same time. So, it's time for me to make it up to you with some lovely ideas on how to decotare your Easter eggs. Easter is my fav holiday. 
I like decorating my home with pastels, chocolate bunnies everywhere, flowers... I've never been a fan of decorating easter eggs as I find the whole procedure too messy, but I love looking at them (in other people's houses lol). But why does everyone colour their eggs red and that's it? Why not try something different like use paint to create mosaic effects or draw little hearts for a girly effect?

The following images via Beautiful Crazy Life and Indie Fixx are just a tiny example of all the wonders you can create in order to amuse your guests - and yourself of course. 
Kids in the house? Ask them to colour their own eggs for extra fun - for them...

Remember to use non toxic paints for a fun but safe result.

Happy Easter to the world xxxx

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