Oct 9, 2012

Work at Home (Home office idea by Kelle at Habitat + Beyond)

Kelle is an interior designer. I recently came across her blog Habitat + Beyond and I fell in love with her home office. There are a lot of photos there of her space, plus ideas and sources. For more info on her Home office please visit her blog. 

I am posting one of her photos here as an ispiration. If you want to copy this style, I found some objects to get the look. 

1 / From Next£45.00
2 / From Typo $4.95
3 / From Typo $9.95
4 / From Typo $19.95

I also suggest some items that are not included in the photo, yet have the same effect and can easily be added without spoiling the feeling. 

1 / From Typo $3.50  //  2 / From Typo $6.95  //  3 / From Typo $6.95  //  4 / From Typo $19.95  //  5 / From Typo $12.95  //  6 / From Typo $4.95  //  8 / From Typo$14.95  //  9 / From Typo $29.95

My suggestions are from Typo - I bought many things from this shop when I visited Los Angeles last month. For example my letters - that now decorate my bookcase in my flat in Southampton. They are really nice (you can create any word you like) and they came pretty cheap too! I bought them as a gift to my bf... but the truth is that I bought them for myself (lol).

Photo by me

Would you copy this look?

Many thanks to Habitat + Beyond.

Edited by me

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