Oct 9, 2012

I fell in love with a tea rose

I have no idea why most people are afraid to use pastels in their living rooms. They use them only in nurseries. In my opinion, no colour is made for a specific room of the house. I wouldn't mind seeing black elements in a nursery or pink ones in a living room, as long as they were correctly used. 
This photo from House to Home proves my point. A tea-rose pink living room that's not girly but fashionable and fresh.

You can get that look easily.

Start by using a tea rose pink or light pink petal or ash pink like Rose Pink/Petal / 04E49 by E-paint. A nice (preferably vintage) cabinet like the one I found in Made.com (7) should be your key piece. Then an armchair (6) and a designer ceiling lamp (1) to complete the look. Don't forget to use simple, yet arty accessories like the ones presented here by Habitat (23, 4, 5).

You can aolso visit BrightBazaar blog for more tea-rose pink ideas!

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