Oct 23, 2012

Very Merry Unbirthday to M E!

So, it's my Birthday tomorrow! 
I am in a really bad mood - is it because I'm getting older? - that I hope goes away by tomorrow! 
I have already recieved some presents (always a happy moment) and I am expecting some more via post!

Birthdays is the most important day to celebrate yourself. 
I used to invite some good friends over to have dinner and blow the candles. Then we'd dance or talk until it was really really late. This year I'm not going to do anything really special - maybe go to a pub with the usual suspects (the other three!).

Whatever I do, I hope I feel better and that this year will be successful for me - full of smiles and love! 

Wish you all the best - even if it's not your birthday.

Photo via Pinterest / Edited by me

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Very nice!