May 6, 2013

A Cheerful Dining Room in L.A. - part 2

Let's revisit this amazing and cheerful dining room in LA. 

We wouldn't want to use any simple and ordinary cutlery or dining plates, therefore we created a little "trip to Disneyland" serving set for this happy couple. 

All plates have different colors, yet they match perfectly for our purpose. Mix and match = my favorite decoration idea. Bright colors, simple cuts and no patterns (we didn't want to overdo it). Cutlery with plastic handles, decorated with patterns and flowers (from amazon). Place mats from IKEA. 

And as a centerpiece, we created a small garden! We used old jars from sauces and filled them up with colorful flowers in bright colors - try to match the plates for a harmonious result.

I absolutely love this dining room, many thanks to Chrissy for her help in this one - I am really proud !!

Would you like to have a dining room like this?
Photos by me // Edited by me
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