Apr 14, 2013

Nothing goes to waste

Look at these amazing ideas via Apartment Therapy. Nothing is garbage, nothing goes to waste. An old frame or an 80s picture can be transformed into a modern piece of art just by adding some paint and lots of inspiration.
Idea #1: Dip the whole painting into a bucket full of solid color and let ir drip the excess paint off. Leave only the upper 1/3 of the painting uncovered. Works with facial portraits.
Idea #2: Use mask tape to write a quote and paint the remaining surface in bright colour paint.
Idea #3: Add some elements like a monster in a classic painting, a human or a quote in a boring theme.
Idea #4: Using the impressionistic method add strokes of paint following the exsisting pattern.

How original - and basically you create your own art!

Would you try it?

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