Dec 8, 2012

Something nice to remember what summer feels like...

Hello everyone!
I think I am starting to forget what summer feels like. The weather here is so cold for my taste - and it will only get cooler! So I found this photo (1) in Pinterest and it inspired me to do a synthesis with turquoise and red. 

I know... I know... You've had enough with my turquoise posts, but I just can't help it. I love this colour. 
So, would you choose a turquoise/red dining room for your home? 
It could be either cool, summery or very retro. There are so many choises with all the same result = impressive!

Photo 1 - 2 - 3

I am still working on my house - trying to make it feel more like a home! Today we bought a new dining  table and a new bookcase. They look nice!
Getting ready for Christmas. I think I 'll be back with a Christmas recipe!

How about you? 
Are you in a Christmas or a Summer mood?

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Christos said...

Love the colours!!!