Nov 11, 2012

This week I fell in love with... (bedroom items)

My ideal Bedoom... Well, that's another long story. 
My new project is to redecorate my bedroom. I want lots of colours to make me feel better and happy, but also I want it to be trendy yet with character... Not an easy task...

So, for this week, I would definetely recommend a combination of a neutral wall, an orange duvet cover, a turquoise chair used as a night stand, cosy rugs and turquoise wall art. Add a ceiling lamp in bright turquoise/aqua and some pillows and voila! 
My Ideal Bedroom of the week!

Fashion vs. Decor: Orange and Turquoise make-up!

Found this photo via pinterest

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Samantha Reid said...

Nice Interior tips.......have also some ideas....for bathroom and Kitchen decore you can Click here

Vera X said...

Thanks so much Samantha xx