Oct 12, 2012

Yellow and turquoise / Wear them or decorate them

The combination of yellow and turquoise is amazing, especially for summer or autumn. Wear bright colours to lift up your spirit! But why not dress up your house in bright colours as well? Yellow and turquoise is a fun combination for your home office, den, bedroom, even your living room. Remember to keep it simple otherwise the result might be too much. I would definetely decorate my summer house in these colours. Use wall paper for a 70s effect, or simply paint your walls in light yellow to bring the sunshine in your house/apartment.

1 / From Design Sponge
Turquoise and Teal wallpaper with white and yellow elements - great idea for a hallway or an entrance

2 / From House of Turquoise
What a combination! Wall art in yellow and turquoise... Add some green details to make it more playful. Love the puppy by the way!

Fashion photos via my pinterest account. 

I love these colours!

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