Oct 27, 2012

Make this Minty Scrub by Bramble Berry

I really love these recipes that you can make your own homemade cosmetics. Usually they are difficult and complicated, but the following recipe by Bramble Berry looks like fun! I will try it soon and let you know!

1 lb Granulated Sugar

Tools and Packaging:
Electric Stand Mixer
3 Frosting Bags
1 Frosting Tip

FROSTING BAG PREP: Cut the tips off of the three frosting bags with a pair of scissors. Fit the frosting tip into one of the bags. We’ll get to the other two bags soon.
1: Add the Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vanilla Vanilla Fragrance Oil, and Vanilla Color Stabilizer to the Foaming Bath Whip. Using a handheld or stand mixer, whip together the ingredients until the Foaming Bath Whip has about doubled in size. 
2: Add the sugar to the mixture a little bit at a time, using a spatula to mix in with a folding motion. You want to incorporate

3: Once all of the sugar has been added, split the mixture into two (about equal) parts. Color one part using the Super Pearly White Mica. This won’t add much color (the base is already white) but will add a light shimmer to the scrub! WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so follow your judgement with the amount. I wound up using 2 heaping mini-scoops. Stir the mica in carefully, again using the folding motion to keep the scrub as fluffy as possible.
4: Color the other part of the scrub with the Liquid Non-Bleeding Cherry Colorant. Again, WYSIWYG so it’s up to you how much to add. For this vibrant pink hue I used about 10 drops of color. Remember, because the base is white you won’t ever get a true red, so don’t over color with that in mind! Also keep in mind that if you use too much color it could lather pink.
5: Fill each of the two un-tipped frosting bags with the scrub, one color per bag. Set each of the bags inside the third frosting bag with the tip, and squeeze the open ends of the bags until the two inner bags’ contents are coming out of the third bag’s tip.You should be getting a single stream of two colors, one from each of the inner bags.
6: Line up the 4 oz jars. Starting inside the jar along the outer wall, pipe the scrub in a circular motion until you get about most of the way up the height of the jar. Aim the tip for the center and fill up the inner part of the jar. Then finish the top in any you choose; a simple dollop on the top looks great. Once you’ve filled all of the jars, twist on the caps. The outside of the jar will have a fun and unique “twist” pattern from the dual color piping!

You are done!
Enjoy your sugar baby soft skin!

Photos and recipe via http://www.brambleberry.com

Edited by me


Anonymous said...

Great idea!


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Good idea and nice photos!