Oct 8, 2012

I was framed!

Most people don't really pay attention to what they put on their walls. Yet, the wall elements are always the first thing our eye catches when we enter a room. Wall paint, wallpaper, decorative wall art, frames, photos... 

The best part is that you can create your own, personalised wall art by following a few tricks. 

1 & 2 / From Desire to inspire / Emma Thomas

Play with empty frames

Why not put empty frames on your wall? The whole idea is to give a vintage, rustic feeling to your home. Old, empty frames seem like "frames to another land" (that's how I think of them anyway)! 
Or, you can frame a frame... Place a frame into a larger one - but make sure they are of different pattern otherwise the final result will be boring.

3 / From Shelter

Frame a shopping bag

What a great idea! Instead of throwing away all your paper shopping bags, choose the ones you like best and frame them. They will decorate your walking closet, wardrobe, boudoir, bedroom, hallway, home office. I wouldn't put them in my living room, but -hey- it's up to you. 
Shopping bags from kids stores can be placed in the nursery.

In an invisible frame

Hang your frames as if they are placed in an invisible frame. That way you can create shapes - imagine triangles, rectangles, squares or even something more comlpicated like a heart!

Other ideas? Frame old jewellery, textiles, paper napkins, wrapping paper, fabrics, dried flowers, colourful papers, cards, money.

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