Oct 2, 2012

I fell in love with a colour

Turquoise has always been my favourite coulor. It reminds me of cool summer evenings, exotic places, the sea... 

Combine it with white and you have the perfect beach house! Combine it with bright pinks and purples and you have an ethnic atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.

The following photos are from House of Turquoise - the most amazing webpage dedicated to mr. Turquoise himself!

Wish to copy this style?

1 / A view of the living room - with turquoise  pillows
2 / Dreamy bedroom in turquoise and white
3 / Combine turquoise with bright pink
4 / Bedroom view from the hallway
5 / Keep it simple - what you need to point out is the wall paint
6 / Dining room in black and white

You can find all shorts of turquoise things in Everything Turquoise - a blog that is updated several times per day for the most recent merchandise in turquoise!

Now all I need is a new home! 

What is your favourite colour?

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Anonymous said...

I love turquoise. Very inspiring post.


Anonymous said...

Black & white...