Oct 5, 2012

Get that look: Copy Emily Henson's Idea

Emily Henson is an interior designer that I admire a lot. We have similar taste - she is into bright colours as well - so, I always follow her work. In her blog, you can find really good ideas for your interiors. 
One of them (a simple one) is the one below. If you wanna copy the look, I have made some suggestions in high and low prices that might help you. 
All you need is a bright pink chair, some art prints for your wall, floral pillows and hanging decorative flags or hearts. The walls should be painted white, so that the furniture will stand out. 
This is a very happy corner for your kids to play in, while you are reading a book.

1 / Artwork From PISA73 online shop - 59.00€
2 / Pillow From Etsy - 29.95$
3 / Decorative hearts From Next - 6.00£
4 / Chair From IKEA - 10.00£

5 / Armchair From Barker & Stonehouse - 1135.00£
6 / Pillow From Anthropologie - 78.00£
7 / Artwork From Cult Furniture - 49.00£

Remember that trends and fashion come and go, but your home is your private palace and it needs to reflect your personal taste. Some may like it, some may not. What's important is that you feel comfortable in it.

So, will you get this look?

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